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Universal SMT DIY Geiger Counter Kit Module with free monitoring software; w/o GM Tube

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Universal DIY Geiger Counter SMT Module with PIC16F648A

This DIY Kit based on PIC16F648A processor and includes excellent hardware and software to build small dosimeter with modern components. The kit can be used with all popular american and russian GM tubes, such as SBM20, SI29BG, SBM19, LND712, LND7317 and more. The board was intended mostly for people with previous experience in soldering SMT parts. Hot air soldering technique is required for this project. The buyer is also asked to upload firmware with PicKit programmer or modify PIC EEPROM memory! Don’t buy if you do not have tools and ability to solder smd and flash PIC with PicKit! 

Note: Geiger Tube, Enclosure and TTL Module are not included in the purchase! LCD or LCD with LiPO Battery can be added for additional cost, please select from drop down menu.

If you are PIC software developer you also can use this board as hardware unit only and create your own PIC program.

High voltage generated with PWM and can be adjusted from 300V up to 800V with editing eeprom byte. Conversion factor from CPM to Dose is also controlled with eeprom from 0.0001 to 0.0250

Dosimeter consume very tiny current at background that allow to use lightweight 300mAh LiPO. At background radiation it consume only 3.5mA-6.0mA when LCD backlight powered through 1K resistor. The board includes USB charge circuit for lithium battery, low drop 3.3V voltage stabilizer and negative voltage inverter for LCD contrast.   

It can be connected to computer through USB TTL dongle for our Radiation Logger software. The PIC send CPM value each 10 seconds via UART and Windows software will write csv log files on your harddrive.

Technical specifications:

  • Geiger Tube Compatibility: Universal

  • High Voltage: 300V-800V Adjustable through EEPROM byte

  • Full Measurement Period: 60s

  • LCD 16x2 5V HD44780 Compatible

  • Radiation Dose Range: 0.01uRn/h - 99.9mRn/h

  • Radiation Dose Range: 0.01uSv/h - 3.00mSv/h

  • CPM counting: 0-500000 cpm

  • CPS counting: 0-65500 cps

  • Conversion Factor Range: 0.0001 to 0.0250 Adjustable through EEPROM byte

  • Total Events Counting in loop 0-65500

  • LED Event Indication

  • Headphone / Audio AMP compatible

  • Radiation Logger UART compatible

  • RadMon UART compatible

  • Geiger Bot Compatible through IPod line input

  • Supply Voltage: 3.7V Li-PO Battery 300mAh

  • Supply Current: 3.5mA - 5.0mA at background level

  • USB Lipo Charge Circuit Included

  • Dimensions: 83 x 45 mm

  • Shipping Weight: 250gr

  • SKU: RH-K-GK-4

Universal SMT DIY Geiger Counter Module Package with Lipo Battery

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  • Universal SMT DIY Geiger Counter Module



This product is discounted! Please check our newest DIY Geiger kits. Otherwise you still can download user manual PDF with electrical circuit



Package Include List:

1x High Quality PCB

1x LCD Module 16x2 Green Color

1x Lipo Battery 3.7V 300mAh

1x 100K 1206 SMD Resistor

1x 470R 1206 SMD Resistor

2x 47K 1206 SMD Resistor

1x 10K 1206 SMD Resistor

1x 470K 1206 SMD Resistor

5x 1K 1206 SMD Resistor

1x 22K 1206 SMD Resistor

1x 4.7M 1206 SMD Resistor

2x 1M 1206 SMD Resistor

1x 100R 1206 SMD Resistor

2x 0805 SMD Resistor

1x 0805 SMD Capacitor

4x 10uF 1206 Ceramic SMD Capacitor

4x 100nF 1206 Ceramic SMD Capacitor

7x 2.2nF 1206 Ceramic SMD Capacitor 1000V

1x 300pF 1206 Ceramic SMD Capacitor

2x 22pF 1206 Ceramic SMD Capacitor

2x 10uF Tantalum SMD Capacitor 16V

1x 10mH Radial Inductor

1x 1206 SMD Inductor

1x BC847 Transistor

1x PMBTA44 Transistor

1x MCP73831T IC

1x LP2980IM5 – 3.3V IC

1x PIC16F648A SMD

1x ICL7660 IC

7x US1M Diodes

1x LL4148 Diode

2x 3mm LED

1x 4MHz Crystal

1x USB Mini SMT Socket

1x Slide Switch Side Adjust

2x Jumper Cup

1x TRRS Audio Socket

2x 6 Pin Male Header

2x 6 Pin Female Header

1x 4 Pin Male Header Right Angle

1x 7 Pin Male Header Right Angle

1x LiPO PCB Connector

2x M3 Screw

1x M3 Standoff

2x Wires for GM Tube

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