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  1. MyGeiger Dosimeter DIY Geiger Counter Kit

    MyGeiger Dosimeter DIY Geiger Counter Kit with LCD Shield and USB data logging; w/o GM Tube

    Regular Price: $95.00

    Special Price $85.00

    MyGeiger version 2.00 - DIY Geiger Counter Kit with LCD Shield and USB Logging

    MyGeiger ver.2 edition is obsolete, currently it sold till the stock ends, but still will be supported for the existing customers later, including warranty and repair service.

    This kit has carefully crafted electrical circuit, low power consumption, built-in USB logging support, lithium charger, new high quality graphic LCD and wide compatibility with more popular Geiger tubes.

    Note: Geiger Tube, Enclosure and Battery are not included in the purchase! 

    Today MyGeiger supports 400V and 500V tubes and has amazing stability under high radiation load. With SBM-20 tube it can measure nuclear radiation intensity from 0.01uSv/h up to 1000 uSv/h and displays the dose in Sievert or Roentgen units. Has excellent logging functions. Can be connected directly with cable to USB port for our freeware Radiation Logger PC software. You can use MyGeiger as everyday portable device or log radiation data and charge battery simultaneously on your computer.

    To make successful kit soldering you need: good solder skills and tools (such as solder station, solder wick, flux etc.). Even all components are DIP through hole, this kit is not recommended for novice because you have to recognize components polarity and orientation, you have to read user manual and electrical circuit. As before, you can order assembling service for additional cost.

    Technical specifications:

    • Geiger Tube PCB Compatibility: STS-5, SBM-20, J305
    • Geiger Tube Wire Connection Compatibility: LND-712, LND-7317, SBT-9, SI-29BG and more
    • 400V or 500V Tube Voltage
    • 128x64 High Quality Graphic LCD with Shield PCB
    • Auto Scaling and Auto Scrolling LCD Graph for the last 5 minutes
    • Smart Backlight Control
    • Moving Average CPM Counting with every 5 seconds update
    • CPM counting: 0-300000 cpm
    • Radiation Dose Range: 0.01uSv/h - 1.00mSv/h
    • Radiation Dose Display Units: uSv/h or uRn/h
    • Accumulated Dose Count
    • Built-in USB Logging Support for CPM or Bq/cm2
    • Conversion Factor Range: 0.0001 to 0.0250
    • Presetable Alert: 100cpm - 5000cpm
    • Classic Geiger Counter Sound
    • LED indication for every Geiger Event
    • Mute Button for Silent Operation
    • Built-in Charger with Protection for Lithium Battery 3.7V
    • Battery Indicator and USB Connection detect
    • Battery Over-Discharge Limiter
    • Supply Voltage: 3.7V Li-PO or Li-Ion Battery
    • Supply Current: less than 5mA
    • Operating time: 200 hours for 1000mAh Lithium Cell
    • Radiation Logger PC Software
    • Radmon Web Monitoring Support
    • Geiger Bot Compatible (optional)
    • microSD Logger+ (optional)
    • Dimensions: 118 x 55 mm
    • Shipping Weight: 250gr
    • UPC Number: 634654240781
    • SKU: RH-K-GK-5

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