Need help with the DIY Kit you purchased?

If you are soldered the kit regarding the circuit and manual, but it's not operate as expected, at first, recheck if the right components are in right place and direction. Most of the problems baused by incorrect soldering. If you still cannot find a reason for the technical issue please send us support request to:

contact us

Support request requirements:

  • Please describe your problem in English language (Russian and Hebrew also welcome) and tell what you already tried to do for resolving the problem.

  • Attach two high resolution clear focused photos of your soldered kit, from both sides of the PCB. The photos resolution should be at least 1200x1024. Blurred and small photos are not acceptable for the support! The photos quality should allow to recognize all components on the board. We may ask you to make additional photos from different angle view.

  • Please wait up to 24 hours for the response.

  • Please follow our support instruction because we can help you only if you'll work with support team. If you'll not provide a information for support team or if you drop out from communication we'll not be able to resolve the problem.


Several advices for successful kit assembling:

  • Print a circuit schematic page from user manual and put it in front of your eyes during soldering.
  • Follow user manual for assembling and calibration.
  • Take your time! Please do accurate soldering.
  • Use only Rosin Flux and Solder with low melt point.
  • Clean the PCB after soldering with IPA99% and soft brush.
  • Discover kit components datasheets.