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MyGeiger ver.3 PRO DIY Gamma Radiometer with USB

“Radiation Logger” is Windows freeware application that was intended to communicate with our Geiger Counter DIY Kits. MyGeiger ver.2 and MyGeiger ver.3 PRO has built-in USB support and allows you to connect with USB cable directly. All other kits require USB-TTL module.

MyGeiger with Radiation Logger

The application allow to receive CPM data from the dosimeter and calculate current, average and absorbed nuclear radiation. The dose presented in uSv/h units. You can set your own conversion factor and alert threshold for the PC software. Logs files created in *.csv format and it used for graphs plotting later. Since 1.4 version application also support logging to http://xively.com and logging to http://radmon.org.

Connection settings are configurable that make this software universal and allow other similar hardware to be used. If you build your own dosimeter just configure your MCU to send CPM string value via UART. Logging period time between the data transmissions from hardware to software can be any, from 1 second to several minutes! version is still beta, use if you have any problem. At first run of beta version you need to configure connection settings to Stop Bit:1; Parity: none; Speed: 2400; Data Bits: 8



DOWNLOAD DRIVER for MyGeiger ver.2 (if not installed automatically)

Radiation-Logger- Beta Version 

There are several ways to connect the Geiger Counter with the computer, depends on your hardware setup:

  • Via native COM Port. You will need MAX232 Serial Port to TTL Converter Module.
  • Via virtual USB Com Port. You will need USB RS232 TTL Converter Module.
  • Via USB cable (MyGeiger ver.2.00 only)


For MyGeiger ver.1.00 you can use one of this ready USB-TTL modules (can be found on eBay):

  • FTDI FT232 5V/3.3V Arduino Module
  • PL2303HX Module 
  • CP2102 Module (RECOMMENDED)

We are strongly recommend you to use CP2102 module for MyGeiger ver.1.00 when the kit and TTL module are installed together in one enclosure and has fixed connection. 

You need hardware unit of radiation dosimeter to use this software! Technical support can be provided only for official hardware from RH Electronics.

Officially Supported Hardware:

1. RH Electronics MyGeiger ver.3 PRO

2. RH Electronics MyGeiger ver.2.00 with PIC18F2550 and LCD Shield

3. RH Electronics MyGeiger ver.1.00 with Nokia 5110 LCD and PIC16f876A (require TTL Module)

4. RH Electronics SMT Universal DIY Geiger Counter Module (require TTL Module)

5. RH Electronics Arduino Compatible Radiation Detector  (require Arduino UNO or any other microcontroller board with UART)

6. RH Electronics Arduino IDE EEPROM Geiger Logger (require TTL Module)

7. RH Electronics Arduino IDE SD Logger Geiger Counter (require TTL Module)


How to configure Radiation Logger:

Radiation Logger it's very easy to set-up application.

Before you run the logger, check if your USB-TTL adapter appears correctly in Windows device manager. MyGeiger version 2 has internal built-in FT232 IC, all other kits require you to use external TTL dongle. Remember the number of COM port your actual device has. If you see asterisk symbol near the device it mean that driver wasn't installed correctly or your TTL dongle is fake (yes it can happen with cheap eBay PL2303...)

radiation logger connection settings

For all kits, except MyGeiger, you need to connect 4 wires: RX -> TX; TX -> RX; 5V -> 5V; GND -> GND. MyGeiger needs only mini-USB cable connection without the wires mess.

Open Radiation Logger application and navigate File -> Settings . Press "Get Available Ports" and select the same COM port number where your device is connected. Speed settings can be different for Arduino counters, thats why refer kit documentation to select right parameters. Press "Test Connection" and if the hardware was linked correctly then during 5-10 seconds you will get connection confirmation. Press "Save and Close" to close settings menu.

Radiation Logger has one minute connection time-out.

radiation logger connection settings

Now you can start logging the data on your counter. Press "Start Log" to start. You also can configure Radmon or Xively login details if you wish to upload your data online. Of course, you need to set login details before you press "Start Log".

Radiation data with Logger  radmon login  xively settings

Important Notice for MyGeiger ver.2 boards shipped before 30 Sep. 2014!

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