FT232 USB Driver Workaround

Only for kits shipped before 30 September 2014!

We have noticed that on 1 October 2014 a new FTDI drivers was distributed through Windows automatic updates. We still waiting for official response to our FTDI support request, but for some reason part of FT232R chips installed on MyGeiger boards stopped to be recognized correctly by Windows 7 device manager. You can get an error saying "Device driver software was not successfully installed". If you have FT232R chip with marking 1313-C CN480661 or 1403-C CN480661 then probably you'll met this issue. If your FTF232R chip has different marking 1408-C GO490581 then it should operate OK as before.

Now we have the temporary solution that will help you to get your board working again with USB logging until we'll get clear reason why it happen. Please download 2.08.24 drivers and unzip it in a separate folder on disc C.

CDM 2.08.24 WHQL Certified

Set power switch to OFF position and connect MyGeiger to your computer. Navigate to Windows Device Manager panel. You'll see non enumerated FTDI 232 Device with yellow FT232R USB UART symbol. Make right click on it and select "Update Driver Software".

- click "Browse my computer for driver software"
- click the "Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer"
- select "Universal Serial Bus Controller" from the list
- click "Have Disk"
- point it to the file "ftdibus.inf" file from the folder you downloaded and extracted.

Windows will warn you that the drivers are not signed, but you need to click "Install Anyway".

After that,  repeat the same operation again, but point to "ftdiport.inf" file for the new "USB Serial Converter".

Take note, all boards shipped after 30 September 2014 includes 1408-C GO49058 chips and will not require this workaround! If you have additional questions or need help for installing the drivers please contact support asap.