Gamma Spectrometry Detector Driver DIY Kit High Voltage Power Supply 700V-1000V with Spectroscopy PMT Amplifier

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Gamma Spectrometry Driver DIY Kit - Available for Order.

Gamma Spectroscopy Driver DIY Kit include low ripple Adjustable Power Supply Unit 700v-1000v with Metal Enclosure and Charge-Sensitive mini amplifier module. Now the kit comes with new updated amplifier module! This kit can be used as Spectrometry Driver for your own DIY PMT probe. The amplifier output is compatible with freeware PRA Pulse Height Analysis software.

Power supply unit and pre-amplifier are sold fully soldered. HV unit installed into separated metal enclosure. Please refer recommended installation diagram for the final project.

Technical Specifications:

  • Positive / Negative Polarity High Voltage stabilized output: 700V-1000V

  • Compatible with DIY Scintillation Probes

  • Compatible with freeware PRA Software

  • Input DC voltage: 4.8V-5.5V stabilized

  • Input current with 100M load at 1000V: 6mA - 10mA

  • Quiescent current at 1000V: 3mA - 6mA

  • Pulse length: adjustable 50uS-250uS

  • Full start time: app. 15 seconds with 100M probe load

  • Recommended load of the PMT probe divider: 80-100 Mega ohm

  • HV Power Supply dimensions: 115x60x30 mm

  • Pre-AMP PCB dimensions: 29x24 mm

  • Shipping Weight: 500gr

  • UPC Number: 635292807404

  • SKU: RH-K-PMT-2

Gamma Spectrometry DIY Kit Driver with HV Power Supply and Pre-Amplifier

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  • Gamma Spectrometry DIY Kit Driver with HV Power Supply and Pre-Amplifier
  • Gamma Spectrometry DIY HV Power Supply
  • Specrsocopy PMT Amplifier
  • Gamma Spectrometry Amplifier
  • Gamma Spectrometry Amplifier diagram
  • Custom made 2.1 DC power connector with reverse polarity protection on input
  • Measuring High Voltage on the power supply board
  • Measuring High Voltage on the power supply board
  • Positive HV Power Supply 1KV
  • Positive HV Power Supply 1KV


You can select Positive or Negative HV polarity, please use drop-down menu.

Take note: PMT wiring and AMP configuration are different for Negative and Positive polarity kit!

High Voltage Power Supply Unit: The power supply is high quality HV DC-DC converter with stabilized adjustable Positive (or Negative) output 700v - 1000v. The high voltage output is filtered with additional RC filter. The power supply works fine with high impedance PMT voltage dividers of ~100M. Small level of noise, filtration and metal shielding allows to use this power supply for amateur gamma spectrometry.

The board has low quiescent current of 3mA-6mA non-loaded and 6mA-10mA with 100 Mega Ohm load. You can set HV output with miniature potentiometer inside the unit enclosure. Default preset is for 900V (positive) or -850V (negative) that usually fit many Photomultiplier tubes.

HV can be measured with 10M multimeter at the Daburn red wire output, but because of RC filter resistors in the output you need to multiply voltmeter readings by 1.3 factor.

During starting, when 1uF filter capacitors are still charging, the board can consume 60mA current until HV output is stabilized, it recommended to suspend PMT signal processing for the first 30 seconds.

High Voltage Power Supply for PMT 


You are fully responsible for any technical damage or health injury caused by this electronic device.


It's recommend you to use high impedance 80M-100M divider on your PMT Photomultiplier tube. You can refer my DIY Gamma Ray Spectrometer PMT Project as a reference example. 


PMT Pre-Amplifier Unit: Improved and miniature charge sensitive pre-amplifier for amateur gamma spectroscopy Pulse Height Analysis. The amplifier can work with Positive or Negative PMT high voltage configuration. HV bypass capacitor is included for Positive poalrity version. The output of the amplifier is compatible with computer MIC input or Line input and can be used with freeware PRA PHA software. You can adjust PMT pulse lenght from ~50uS up to ~250uS. For better spectroscopy results please use 24bit audio cart.Spectroscopy pre-amplifier board

Package include:

  • Assembled HV Unit power supply module (installed into small metal box)
  • Assembled Pre-Amplifier PCB
  • Set of connectors

You will need to supply your own scintillation detector and PMT probe with internal voltage divider. Take note, additional metal enclosure, BNC cables or any additional hardware are not included. If you have any question or need advice before purchase please contact us by email.


Enclosure recommendations for the finished project (Positive HV configuration only):


Example of the finished project installation for Positive HV polarity - grounded cathode. The black heat shrink tube covers small vero-board with soldered female JST connectors and 1000uF capacitor. Check that batteries negative rail has good electrical contact with the enclosure.

Aluminium enclosure is NOT included in the purchase. You can obtain compatible box from eBay, the size is 6.30"x5.79"x1.61". Please use recommended installation diagram for correct wiring of HV power supply and Scintillation Probe. Metal project box is required to shield pulse amplifier from electrical noise.

Gamma Spectrometry DIY Project Example 


POSITIVE HV PMT Probe Wiring Example:

One of the options of divider wiring on PMT probe with positive HV. Cathode connected to GND, Anode to high voltage. The probe need to be installed into shielded and light-isolating container.


PMT FEU-31 divider wiring


FEU-35 wiring example


NEGATIVE HV PMT Probe Wiring Example:
Negative Polarity method is widely used for spectrometry regarding it has less noise on tube anode, but it more complicated to wire the project because AMP need to be installed as close as it possible to tube anode. That's why you may need to install PMT probe and signal amplifier in one enclosure. The interconnection BNC cables will supply high voltage, low voltage for AMP and signal out for sound card. This method is recommended only for experienced person because you need to avoid ground loops in your setup and make all setup clean with short cables as possible. That's why if you are not sure about how it should be done please select Positive HV configuration kit.

Negative HV PMT wiring example

Pulse Height Histogram:

Here is the examples of Cs-137 and Am-241 pulse height histograms created with PRA software and the Gamma Spectrometry Detector Driver DIY Kit.

Cs-137 Gamma Spectrometry Pulse Height Histogram

Am-241 Gamma Spectrometry Pulse Height Histogram


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