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Frequency Counter DIY Kit USB Module 1Hz to 50MHz with LCD

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DIY Frequency Counter USB Module 1Hz to 50MHz with LCD

Powered from PC USB port +5V and do not required additional power supply or battery. Very compact and can be installed to front panel of your project box or  enclosure. DIY Module designed for amateur home lab.

Technical specification:

  • Auto Range Measure,  1Hz to 50MHz

  • Measurement cycle 1 second

  • Accuracy about 1%

  • Input Sensitivity 100mV to 500mV AC peak

  • Module Size: 85x40x35 mm

  • Shipping Weight: 150 gr

  • SKU: RH-K-FC-1

Frequency Counter DIY Kit USB Module 1Hz to 50MHz with LCD

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  • Frequency Counter DIY Kit USB Module 1Hz to 50MHz with LCD
  • Frequency Counter DIY Kit USB Module 1Hz to 50MHz with LCD
  • Frequency Counter DIY Kit USB Module 1Hz to 50MHz with LCD
  • Frequency Counter DIY Kit USB Module 1Hz to 50MHz with LCD
  • Frequency Counter DIY Kit USB Module 1Hz to 50MHz with LCD



This DIY Kit is based on free Frequency Meter project placed in the internet. The original link with is available from here:

FC Project

We designed our special PCB board for this project and did some non-significant changes to the circuit. Our kit use USB connection 5V to power the module instead of LM7805. Because of it you no not need a battery or additioanl power supply to use the frequency meter, just connect it to your PC with standard USB cable.

Very important before your connect the module to your PC is to check if your USB port have 5V – 5.20V volt out. The module do not have over-voltage protection and if your USB have more than 5.30V out, you can burn out the frequency meter. Please connect the module only to properly working USB port!

The FC Module can be installed to any small suitable enclosure with front panel at least 10x6 cm internal dimension. Enclosure depth should be at least 4cm. With the package you'll get two drawing markup for drilling and cutting the panel. You can glue the drawing to the panel, drill 4 x 2.5mm holes and cut 16x66mm window for LCD viewing area with Dremel.

We compare the accuracy of the module with Atten Frequency Meter and found it have 1% error reading for frequencies over 100Hz. We suppose is enough accuracy in most cases for home amateur lab, but if you have precision function generator you can solder variable capacitor instead one 30pF capacitor and trim the internal oscillator for more accuracy. PCB has reserved place for this optional capacitor. Variable capacitor is not included in the purchase, just keep in mind it's like a option for better accuracy of the module.

Take note, the FC module was designed for amateur lab purpose.


Package include:

1x Manufactured high quality PCB 85x40 mm

1x LCD 16x2 HD44780 compatible

1x Trimmer Potentiometer top adjust 5K

2x 5% Carbon Film Resistor 47 Ohm

2x 5% Carbon Film Resistor 10K

1x 5% Carbon Film Resistor 220 Ohm

1x 5% Carbon Film Resistor 300 Ohm

1x Ceramic Disc Capacitor 10pF 50V

4x Ceramic Disc Capacitor 10nF 50V

1x Ceramic Disc Capacitor 100nF 50V

2x Ceramic Disc Capacitor 30pF 50V

2x Electrolytic Capacitor 47uF 16V

1x Electrolytic Capacitor 100uF 10V

1x Electrolytic Capacitor 220uF 10V

1x SS9018 NPN RF Transistor

2x Silicone Diode 1N4148

1x 4.000Mhz Quartz Crystal

1x PIC16F628A Microcontroller flashed with hex

1x 18pin DIP Socket

1x USB type B Female PCB Connector

1x Male Pin Header 2 pins

2x Male Pin Header 21mm 6pins for LCD connection

2x M2.5 x 6 Iron Bolts with Standoff


When you are buying this product you are agree that you have certain skills and knowledge to solder it by yourself. We are not responsible if you damage the PCB or other kit's parts due to wrong assembling or handing. In the user manual you'll find circuit and step by step instruction for soldering the kit. All components have name and number so you can easily place in on the PCB regarding the circuit and silkscreen.

No matter what, if you have any questions about assembling or using the device, we can provide you a technical support. If you are in doubt about something is always better to ask us before any action.

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