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Want to buy a Geiger counter kit from RH Electronics, but don’t know what to choose? This short article should help you to select the kit model from our stock. It also has several general answers for the questions people usually asking before they buying a Geiger counter.

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  1. MyGeiger ver.3. PRO Ratemeter

    MyGeiger ver.3 PRO DIY Radiometer Gamma Ratemeter with LCD and USB logging w/o GM Tube


    MyGeiger ver.3 PRO DIY Radiometer Gamma Ratemeter with LCD and USB logging

    The third edition of MyGeiger DIY Geiger Counter Kit. MyGeiger ver.3.00 PRO is intended for measuring gamma radiation dose rate and for precision average CPS counting. The device was build for enthusiasts, a physics students, teachers and researchers engages in radiation study. It fit hobby projects as well as environment or laboratory test. The kit is compatible with wide range of Geiger tubes; it has flexible options for calibration that allows you to adjust your counter for different GM tubes.

    The kit has re-designed efficient high voltage with enlarged output power, faster microprocessor with updated and enhanced software, USB CPM / CPS logging, faster lithium charger, reduced power consumption and comfortable controls. Now it got the ability to operate in radiation field higher than 1500uSv/h.

    Technical specifications:

    • High Voltage: 420V or 500V with stabilization
    • High Voltage output current 50uA at 500V
    • High Voltage is independent from microprocessor, but can be switched ON/OFF by software
    • Geiger Tube PCB compatibility: SBM-20 or STS-5
    • Geiger Tube Wire connection compatibility: LND-712, LND-7317, SBT-9, SI-29BG and more
    • 128x64 High Quality Graphic LCD with Shield PCB
    • Calibration Menu
    • Gamma Radiation Dose Rate Display range: 0.01 uSv/h – 9.99 mSv/h
    • Gamma Radiation Dose Rate with SBM-20: 0.05uSv/h – 1500 uSv/h
    • Gamma Conversion Factor calibration 0.7 – 9.0 CPS for 1uSv/h
    • DER updating period on LCD: 1 second
    • DER full measurement period: 60 seconds
    • CPS Ratemeter Counter Mode for external scintillation probe
    • Average CPS mode for precision sample testing
    • Sample time for precision measuring Average CPS: 5-60 minutes
    • Dead time correction option: 10uS - 250uS, set zero for disable
    • Audible Alert function with adjustable threshold: from 1uSv/h to 200uSv/h
    • Built in USB port for logging CPM or CPS
    • Adjustable USB port UART speed for logging software 2400-9600 baud
    • Mute / Backlight / Menu control with comfortable big buttons
    • Battery Indicator and USB detection
    • Built in USB charger with overcharge protection for 3.7V lithium battery
    • Recommended battery type: 3.7V lipo with capacity >300mAh
    • Battery quiescent current consumption at background: 2.5mA
    • Battery current consumption in sleep mode: less than 0.2mA
    • Operating Voltage: 3.0V – 5V
    • Sleep function, option to use external mechanical ON/OFF switch if required
    • Auto power OFF option after 10 minutes - 4 hours, set zero to disable
    • Quality soldered PCB with modern SMD components, the kit is assembled
    • Dimensions: 51mm x 130mm x 32mm
    • UPC Number: 634154871188
    • SKU Number: RH-K-GK-PRO
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  2. High Voltage Geiger Probe Driver Power Supply Module 380V-550V with TTL Output

    High Voltage Geiger Probe Driver Power Supply Module 380V-550V with TTL Digitized Pulse Output


    Adjustable High Voltage Power Supply Module with TTL output.

    With a standard construction of wired GM probe, where high voltage transferred over a cable, you get the HV performance drop and tube signal attenuation when counting rate is increasing over 30000 CPM. Despite the standard GM probe construction, the "RH High Voltage Probe Driver" uses different method of signal path and allows you to drive very long probe cables up to several meters without reducing CPM counting results and without HV drop. Maximum probe cable length now depends mostly on the cable quality. The probe was tested and guaranteed to work with high grade low noise microphone cable of 5 meters.

    Of course, the module can be used not only for building external probes, but also for a simple radiation detectors or different microcontroller based projects where you need stable and power efficient high voltage power source to drive GM tube.

    Technical specifications:

    • Adjustable High Voltage Output 420V-550V (350V-500V version available by request)
    • Compatible with many popular GM Tubes
    • 2.5uS - 5.0uS TTL output of GM pulses
    • Ability to drive long probe cable
    • Input supply voltage 3.0V-4.5V
    • Output current 100uA max. at 550V
    • Includes 4.7M load resistor on the PCB
    • Compatible with PIC / AVR / MSP / Arduino
    • Compatible with MyGeiger ver.2 DIY Geiger Kit
    • Physical dimensions: diameter of the PCB is 53mm (LND-7317 size)
    • Shipping Weight: 150gr
    • UPC Number: 635292807381
    • SKU: RH-K-GK-HV
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  3. High Voltage Geiger Probe Driver Power Supply Module 420V / 550V with TTL Digitized Pulse Output

    High Voltage Geiger Probe Driver Power Supply Module 400V / 500V with TTL Digitized Pulse Output


    Miniature Fixed Output High Voltage Power Supply Module with Digitized Output.

    Unique and miniature power supply module for Geiger tube with pulse processing circuit. The hardware will allow you to power 400V / 500V Geiger Tube and get ready digitized pulses from the output. These 5uS pulses can be counted by Arduino INT counter or any other microcontroller or ditigal counters. The module can be used for building portable DIY Geiger Counter, Dosimeter or external Geiger probe. The module is ready-to-use unit to power Geiger tube. Can be integrated into battery operated portable equipment or used for laboratory setup.

    Technical specifications:

    • Fixed High Voltage Output 420V or 500V (selected with jumper)
    • Compatible with many popular GM Tubes
    • ~ 5.0uS TTL digitized pulse output of GM pulses, VDD logic level
    • Ability to drive long probe cable
    • Input supply voltage 3.5V-5.5V
    • Output current 50uA max. at 500V
    • Quiescent battery current less than 1mA (0.1mA - 0.9mA on background)
    • Includes 10M load resistor on the PCB
    • Compatible with PIC / AVR / MSP / Arduino
    • Compatible with MyGeiger ver.2 DIY Geiger Kit
    • Physical dimensions: 40mm x 22mm 12 mm
    • Shipping Weight: 150gr
    • UPC Number: 635292807428
    • SKU: RH-K-GK-HV-2
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  4. Radiation Detector DIY Kit ver.3.00 Arduino Compatible

    Geiger Counter Radiation Detector DIY Kit Arduino Compatible ver. 3.00 w/o GM Tube


    Radiation Detector DIY Kit ver. 3.00 

    The third edition of our Nuclear Radiation DIY Detector Kit. Arduino compatible kit. Easy assembly for beginners. Support many popular 400V and 500V Geiger Tubes. The kit has several improvements in compare to previously sold second editions. The package comes with high quality silkscreened PCB, pre-soldered SMD and all components you need to build nuclear radiation detector electronics. Geiger Tube is not included with default package, but you can supply your own or purchase Geiger Tube for additional cost.

    The kit has visual and sound indication of the radiation and can be used as detector of dangerous radiation levels or radioactive materials in your environment. The board can be connected to ARDUINO UNO or other MCU.
    Now it also support direct connection to Apple iPhone or iPad for Geiger Bot application.

    Technical specifications:

    • Geiger Tube PCB Compatibility: STS-5, SBM-20, J305, LND-712
    • Geiger Tube Voltage Compatibility: 400V or 500V tubes
    • Supply Voltage: 4.5-5.5V, support 9V battery with included LP2950 5V regulator IC
    • Supply Current: 30uA-60uA (0.03mA-0.06mA) at background radiation
    • High Reliability up to 1mSv/h (1000uSv/h)
    • Sound and Visual Indication
    • Arduino, PIC, AVR, MSP430, Android Compatible
    • TRRS Output Connector  for “Geiger Bot” iPad / iPhone
    • Pre-installed SMD, only DIP components to solder
    • Radiation Logger Compatible (require Arduino UNO or similar)
    • Dimensions: 120 x 50 mm
    • Shipping Weight: 250gr
    • UPC Number: 634654895721
    • SKU: RH-K-GK-2, RH-K-GK-2-AS
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  5. Arduino IDE Geiger Counter DIY Kit ver.2 with LCD

    Arduino IDE Geiger Counter DIY Kit ver.2 with LCD; w/o GM Tube


    Arduino IDE DIY Geiger Kit ver. 2.00 RH-K-GK-2-A with UART logging

    This is updated version 2.00 of our simplest Geiger Counter project based on Arduino IDE. All parts in the project are through-hole easy to solder. With your package you'll receive detailed printed electrical circuit to assemble the board. Microcontroller comes pre-programmed, but if you want to get source files please contact us by email to get the link for downloading files. 

    We made several improvements in electrical circuit and Arduino program to upgrade this kit to the new level. Optimized code with true voltage feedback on high voltage make this project much more stable for serious experiments. With a good quality Geiger Tube (like LND-712) you can test very active samples and get maximum count rate as your tube is possible to go up.

    The kit supports UART logging of CPM value and can be integrated into environment monitoring project.

    Technical specifications:

    • High Voltage PWM Converter with true voltage feedback
    • HV Converter has ability to drive 20M load, 25uA into 500V max.
    • 400V and 500V Geiger Tubes are supported
    • Dose-Rate Calculation and CPM counter
    • New Logarithmic Bargraph with CPS counter
    • Two tact buttons for controlling the software
    • Moving Average CPM calculating algorithm
    • UART logging with "Radiation Logger", require USB-TTL dongle
    • Clicker Geiger Event Sound with Mute and Two LED's
    • Supply Voltage: 5V DC
    • Supply Current: 15mA at background level
    • Dimensions: 89(L) x 39(W) x 22(H) mm
    • Shipping Weight: 250gr
    • UPC Number: 634654895707
    • SKU: RH-K-GK-2-A

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  6. Radiation SD Logger DIY Kit

    Arduino IDE Geiger Counter DIY Kit Radiation Logger with LCD and Free Monitoring Software with SD Shield w/o GM Tube

    Regular Price: $39.95

    Special Price $29.95

    Arduino IDE DIY Geiger Kit ver. 1.01 with SD Logger Shield for micro SD card

    This is open source code Geiger SD Logger project based on Arduino IDE. The kit includes main board with 16x2 LCD and SD Logger Shield. The link to download source files will be sent to a buyer with the package.

    SD Shield has RTC circuit (real time clock), 3.3V level shifter for SD card, Buzzer and micro SD socket. Support connection of Adafruit GPS module or UART logging through RX TX pins. Files on SD card contains CPM readings for each data point, your local date and time, nmea geographical data and total absorbed dose. 400V high voltage for GM Tube produced with PWM. The kit makes clicker sound similar to a “classic” Geiger counter sound.

    Note: Geiger Tube, Enclosure, uSD Card, Batteries and TTL Module are not included in the purchase! This kit requires good soldering skills, TTL module for uploading firmware and ability to use Arduino IDE.

    Technical specifications:

    • Geiger Tube Compatibility: GM Tubes with anode voltage 350-550V
    • Arduino IDE compatible, minimum hardware for maximum performance
    • LCD 16x2 HD44780 BLUE or GREEN color
    • Two tact buttons for controlling the software
    • Moving Average calculating algorithm
    • Represent dose in uSv/h or uRn/h units
    • UART logging with "Radiation Logger", require USB-TTL dongle
    • Adafruit GPS module support
    • SD Shield Board with RTC
    • Absorbed dose, CPM, NMEA logging 
    • Smart Backlight Control
    • Fast Bargraph on LCD
    • Clicker Geiger Sound, Buzzer installed on Shield PCB
    • Low Battery Indicator
    • Clock 24 hours format
    • Supply Voltage: 5V DC or Battery
    • Supply Current: 25mA without backlight
    • Dimensions: 81(L) x 37(W) x 50(H) mm
    • Shipping Weight: 250gr
    • UPC Number: 634654895714
    • SKU: RH-K-GK-1-L

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  7. Geiger Bot PCB Adapter 3.5mm to TRRS for iPhone / iPad

    Geiger Bot PCB Converter Adapter 3.5mm Audio to TRRS for iPhone / iPad


    Adapter PCB for Geiger Bot 3.5mm Audio Jack to TRRS w/attenuation

    The PCB is adapter for Geiger Bot. It helps to convert 3.5mm stereo audio jack output into 3.5mm TRRS jack. The board has adjustable signal attenuator that works as voltage divider. 

    Originally the adapter comes as free addon with our Gamma-Viewer Portable Gamma Spectrometer and it also can be purchased here if you need a spare part. The adapter can be useful to connect Geiger Bot with any third side spectroscopy hardware like Gamma Spectacular, Theremino or a Geiger Counters with audio interface. 

    Take note, the input jack of the PCB is not DC decoupled, so for some third side devices you need to add bypass capacitor.  

    Technical Specification:

    • Input Jack: 3.5mm audio stereo
    • Output Jack: 3.5mm TRRS for Apple Device
    • Max Voltage Attenuation:  1:5
    • Compatibility: Geiger Bot application adapter
    • DC decoupling: not included
    • Usability: triggers Geiger Bot to use line-in input and turn-off internal microphone
    • PCB size: 33 x 13 mm
    • SKU: RH-A-GB-1
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