28/04/18 INSTRUCTABLES article posted about DIY Gamma Spectroscopy with MCA

You can read the full article here:

DIY Gamma Spectroscopy Detector with MCA 

22/09/17 DIY PIC18 MCA with SD logs for Gamma Spectroscopy

Experimental DIY project of MCA for Gamma Spectrometry based on PIC18 ADC.

DIY PIC18 MCA for Gamma Spectrometry

14/06/17 Gamma Spectroscopy DIY Project (part 4).

Article that describes manufacturing steps of portable Gamma Ray Spectrometer for iPad and Computer.

Portable Gamma Ray Spectrometer

19/09/16 Gamma Spectrometry DIY Project (part 3).

Handmade aluminum enclosure I recently made for gamma ray spectrometer. Now I accept requests for building custom detectors and scintillation probes. The detector enclosure contains inside the scintillation crystal, PMT tube with magnetic shield, negative high voltage converter with filtered output to drive the tube, operational amplifier for pulse buffering and battery charger circuit. Battery can be charged from USB through custom made cable. The signal output is connected directly to computer sound card input where you can analyze the spectrum with freeware PRA software. read more...

DIY Gamma Ray Spectrometer with NaI(Tl)

25/05/16 Gamma Spectrometry DIY Project (part 2).

Continued project of DIY home-made gamma spectrometry device for isotope detecting. read more...

26/03/16 Gamma Isotope "Music Box" fun project!

I found it interesting that I can translate DIY Spectrometry Driver Kit output into sound tone to make it possible "to hear" the energy of different isotopes. Follow the link to watch youtube video and check how it sounds.

23/11/15 HF SSB Superhet 20M Receiver with DDS option and Active Hula Loop Antenna

The receiver is a simple syperheterodyne type with quartz crystal filter. The circuit is based on two NE612 mixer IC’s and one audio amplifier LM386. The electrical circuit as it described below in the manual is intended for 14.000MHz – 14.350MHz upper single side band receiving of amateur radio transmissions. However, the PCB allows modifying it for all others amateur SSB radio bands, or making it 2 bands receiver if required read more...

SSB HF Superhet Receiver with NE612


15/07/15 Custom made MyGeiger Enclosure by Atomic.Dave

Now available for order - custom made for easy installation - ready project box set for MyGeiger kit made by Atomic.Dave! Includes everything you need for the project: switches, wires, designed stickers and, of course, cutted and drilled Serpac H75 enclosure read more...

Atomic.Dave MyGeiger Enclosure

06/07/15 R1307 and BC-412 Scintillator based Gamma Monitor

Plastic scintillators, such as BC-400 series, are ignored in gamma spectroscopy field. However these scintillators are great for detectors, counting probes or searching devices. This article will describe BC-412 based Gamma Monitor DIY Project. read more...

25/05/15 Simple DIY Gamma Ray Spectrometer PMT Project

Gammar Ray Spectrometer is a nuclear physics tool that intended to measure the distribution of gamma photon energy. The professional grade spectrometer can be found in nuclear research laboratory, geochemical and astrophysics institutes. To make my own experimental isotope identifier I purchased russian old stock FEU-31A PMT tube and NaI(Tl) crystal. read more...

Cs-137 Gamma Spectrometry

14/05/15 PINRAD Gamma Photon Nuclear Radiation Detector with PIN Diode

As you know, PIN diode can be used for detection of gamma radiation. Maxim Integrated announced a good materials for the experimental building of such type detector. Here you can find my implementation, including oscilloscope screenshots and short video. read more...

Gamma-Photon Nuclear Radiation Detector with PIN Diode

18/04/15 Pocket Geiger Counter with SBM-20 and Li-PO Battery

In this page I'm going to demonstrate which project boxes can be used to install our MyGeiger DIY Geiger Counter kit. Not all boxes can be found in our stock in the store, but I provide a links where it can be purchased. All works require you to have special tools to measure, cut, drill or glue. read more...

MyGeiger ver.2.00 with SBM-20 Tube

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