Accurate LC Meter DIY Kit with LCD

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Accurate LC Meter DIY Kit with HD44780 LCD

LC Meter DIY Kit with all components and manufactured PCB. Based on open source LC Meter project by Phil Rice. Perfect kit for amateur home lab. Can be calibrated to 1% with any precision capacitor from 100pF to 10nF.  

Will measure any type capacitors from 1pF to 470nF, and any coils from 10nH to 20mH. The device must be powered from 9V DC power supply with 150-200mA.

Technical specifications:

  • Capacitance Measure Range: 0.1pF to 470nF

  • Inductance Measuring Range: 0.01uH to 20.0mH

  • Accuracy: 1%

  • PIC16F628A with Software Calibration

  • Supply Voltage: 9V Regulated DC

  • Supply Current: 63mA

  • Dimensions: 50 x 85 x 35 mm

  • Shipping Weight: 250gr

  • SKU: RH-K-LC1

LC Meter DIY Kit

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The original circuit and hex file was developed by Phil Rice VK3BHR. You can find more information about this open source project at his website:


Package include:

1x Manufactured PCB 82 x 50 mm

1x HD44780 Compatible LCD random color from stock (Blue/Green/Red)

1x Carbon Film Resistor 3K

3x Carbon Film Resistor 100K

1x Carbon Film Resistor 20K

1x Carbon Film Resistor 47K

2x Carbon Film Resistor 4.7K

4x Carbon Film Resistor 1K

1x Carbon Film Resistor 36R

1x Trimmer 10K

4x Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 100nF

2x Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor 30pF

2x Elecrolytic Capacitor 220uF

2x Polyester Capacitor 1nF

2x Tantalum Capacitor 10uF

1x Radial Inductor 100uH

1x PNP Transistor TO92

1x PIC16F628A flashed with hex file

1x LM7805 5V Voltage Regulator

1x 1N4007 Diode

1x 1N4148 Diode

1x 5V Relay

1x 4.000 MHz Crystal

1x Led 3mm

1x On/Off Slide Switch Button

1x Tact Switch Button

1x DPDT Button

1x 18 Pin IC Socket

12x Male Header Pins 21mm

2x Male Header Pins Right Angle

4x Double Male Pins Right Angle

6x Female SIP Pins Adapter

2x Male Header Pins

1x Jumper Cup

2x M2.5 Standoff

4x M2.5 Screw

4x M3 Standoff

4x M3 Screw


LC Meter 1nF



This is not ready to use device! You should to solder and calibrate it. You also will need to install it into enclosure. Assembly of the kit require good soldering skills.

When you are buying DIY Kit you are agree that you have certain skills and knowledge to solder it by yourself. We are not responsible if you damage the PCB or other kit's parts due to wrong assembling or handing.

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