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RH Electronics

Started in 2012 as a small business for developing hobby products and selling electronic components online.

R.H. Electronics, also known as Radio Hobby Electronics, is online store for education DIY kits.

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Radio Hobby Electronics offer DIY kits for students, physicist, hobby or research teams. In category "DIY Geiger Counter" you'll find several kinds of kits for detecting and measuring ionizing radiation.  Category "Scintillation" includes products related to scintillation detectors, gamma spectrometers and photomultiplier tubes. In "DIY Kits" category you can find basic kits for a newbie. All other categories contains general components for electronic hobby.

Our products are made for education and hobby purpose, we are not providing calibration or sertification of dosimeters. 

RH Electronics provides technical email support and repair / replacement service for DIY Kits. In case a buyer ask for an technical assistance with the kit he/she purchased we work out with the issue until it resolved. You always can order soldering assembling service if you need to get ready kit.

If you are interested in any RH Electronics DIY Kit for re-sell distribution purchase or, if you need additional technical details please contact us:

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Usually email requests answered during 1-2 days. If you not received my answer check spam folder or try to resend the email.


Thanks to all RH Electronics customers for your feedbacks and suggestions!

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RH Electronics accepts requests for manufacturing of radiation detectors, dosimeters, scintillatiors and spectrometry drivers for amateur educational purpose.  You can order a single sample or ask to develop and manufacture a small batch of customized product. 


Contact us by email with your request to get any additional information or price quotation!

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