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Started in 2012 as a small business for developing hobby products and selling electronic components online.

RH Electronics, also known as RadioHobbyStore, is online store for education DIY kits today.

We have our original DIY kits and also remakes and modifications of other popular electronic products for hobby soldering.

If you browse the categories, you can see there is several lines of products. One and the big is "DIY Geiger Counter" which is also my personal interest for developing this type of projects. Second is "DIY Electronics" where you can find different simple and interesting kits. Third is the "PCB" section where sold a bare pcb's for some projects. And all other categories contains general components for electronic hobby.

Since 2013 RH Electronics became official distributor of Adafruit Industries in Israel. However the store stock is not contains a large assortement of Adafruit products, but you can always to ask for a specific product you are interested in.

RH Electronics provide technical email support and repair / replacement service for DIY Kits. In case a buyer ask for technical assistance with the kit he/she purchased I work out with the issue until it resolved.

If you are interested in any RH Electronics DIY Kit for re-sell distribution purchase or, if you need additional technical details please contact me:

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Usually email requests answered during 1-2 days. If you not received my answer check spam folder or try to resend the email.


Thanks to all RH Electronics customers for your feedbacks and suggestions!

Founder and owner

RH Electronics accepts requests for manufacturing of custom made radiation detectors, dosimeters, scintillation detectors and spectrometry drivers.  You can order a single sample or ask to develop and manufacture a small batch of customized product. You are welcome to browse several examples below from the past 2016 year:

Miniature High Voltage Step-Up converter for Geiger Tube with pulse capture circuit and cable driver. Available in 400V and 500V version. Module Size: 40mm x 22mm x 12mm. Mentioned for building external Geiger probes and compatible with wide range of digital ratemeters. Consumes tiny current, powered with low voltage and has excellent regulation to keep HV voltage within recommended plateau limits.

HV Module step up for Geiger tube with pulse output

Example of Geiger probe build with the miniature high voltage module installed inside. The probe is powered with low voltage over audio cable. The output signal is fully compatible with many digital counters.

Geiger Tube probe with cable adn HV Module

Geiger Tube probe with cable adn HV Module

Gamma Scintillation Detector based on NaI(Tl) crystal and photomultiplier tube. It has custom machined aluminum enclosure with installed new R6094 Hamamatsu PMT tube and 25x10 NaI(Tl) crystal. The detector enclosure contains internally installed and adjusted electronics that drives the PMT tube and buffers detected pulses to the output. The detector requires low VDD voltage and produce rectangular shape pulses on the output. These pulses can be counted by a microcontroller or any digital ratemeter. High voltage for the tube is generated and filtered with internally installed power supply. High voltage and pulse capture circuit are adjusted for optimum counting operation.

Gamma Scintillation detector

Gamma Scintillation detector with ratemeter

R6094 / R6095 driver with wired PMT socket.  It has high voltage converter onboard, dynodes voltage divider and pulse capture circuit. Require only 5V to work. Has low power consumption and excellent voltage stabilization for the tube. Can be used for Gamma Scintillation detector.

Gamma Scintillation detector Driver with wired socket

Digital ratemeter for scintillation detector or Geiger probe. Customized software menu, USB interface, portable and reliable counter.

Digital Ratemeter with USB

Digital Ratemeter with USB

Miniature Gamma Spectrometry Driver. Intended to work with audio-card based MCA. Includes battery management circuit, high voltage converter, dynodes divider and spectrometry amplifier. You can order only the electronics or you can request the full build that will include metal enclosure, electronic board, photomultiplier  tube, NaI(Tl) crystal and battery. Normally FWHM is below 9%. 

Gamma Spectrometry Driver electronics

Gamma Spectrometry Driver for audio card MCA

Caesium Cs-137 Gamma Spectrum

Contact us by email with your request to get actual offer and best prices!