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We introduce the newest edition of MyGeiger ver. 3 PRO for measuring gamma radiation dose-rate and for precision average CPS counting. Version 3 was designed for high count rate applications where you need counter stability,  performance on HV voltage output and software options for precision measurements of radiation samples. The counter can be used for portable field measurements, laboratory application or for online monitoring station.

MyGeiger ver.3 PRO was build for enthusiasts, a physics students, teachers and researchers engages in radiation study. It fit hobby projects as well as environment or laboratory test. MyGeiger ver.3. PRO is compatible with wide range of 400V and 500V Geiger tubes; it has flexible options for calibration that allows you to adjust your counter for different GM tubes. The kit has re-designed efficient high voltage with enlarged output power, faster microprocessor with updated and enhanced software, setup menu, USB CPM / CPS logging, faster lithium charger, reduced power consumption, power safe sleep mode and comfortable controls. Now it got the ability to operate in radiation field higher than 1500uSv/h with SBM-20 where tube is operate at the maximum possible count rate.

MyGeiger ver.3 PRO DIY Gamma Radiometer

In contrast with previous ver.2, the new ver.3 PRO is sold fully soldered and assembled. All components are modern high quality SMD parts. You can purchase the board with GM tube and lipo battery from our stock for additonal cost.

The device has two working modes: Gamma Dose Rate Meter and Average CPS counter for precision testing of radioactive samples. The USB jack can be used for battery charging and data logging to computer. Built-in logging option allows you to log CPM (counts per minute) when the device in Dose Rate mode, or to log average CPS (counts per second) when it switched to Average CPS mode. Online Radmon monitoring is available with our freeware software Radiation Logger for PC or with third side software.

MyGeiger ver.3 PRO PCB functionality diagram 

External Probe Add On:

Some DIY dosimeter projects requires additional external probe. We developed HV Geiger Probe Module addon for building high performance external GM driver. The module is fully compatible with MyGeiger kit and others DIY Geiger Projects. The addon module can be used for building pancake probe with long signal cable. High voltage for tube is generated locally on module PCB when it powered with low VDD DC voltage. Tube TTL digital signal output is buffered and can drive long cable. An audio cable with Left+Right and GND conductors can be used to connect the probe to Geiger Counter project. L+R intended for 3.7V VDD and TTL signal line when GND have to be shield conductor of the cable. 

Adjustable High Voltage Geiger Power Supply Module with TTL output


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